Drexel’s warm and tight-knit Orthodox community is growing in numbers every year! Check us out on Facebook, just search OU-JLIC Drexel! Drexel grants credit for the gap year in Israel! Depending on one’s major and the yeshiva or seminary they attended, students can meet with their academic advisor and receive academic credits on their transcripts.


We are excited about our new living community for shomer shabbat / shomer kashrut students in Van Rensselaer Hall (located at Powelton and 33rd within the University City eruv).  Based on the number of interested students, 1-4 suites will have their kitchens kashered with the assistance of the Hillel of Greater Philadelphia mashgiah. The residence life staff on the hall are trained to understand the needs of shomer shabbat / kashrut students.


While Drexel University does not yet have kosher dining year round, it’s in the works and will hopefully be on campus by September 2016. We offer a Kosher Passover Dining Plan. In addition, Market 16 Noodle Bar on campus serves prepared kosher (meat and pareve) sandwiches and Falk Dining Commons at the University of Pennsylvania is only a 15  minute walk away.

For more info on Kosher opportunities in the area visit: http://drexelhillel.org/kosher


Since 2002 we have helped support and maintain the Univeristy City Eruv of Philadelphia. The Eruv is checked every week and surrounds all of Drexel’s campus. For more information visit http://www.universitycityeruv.org

In addition to OU-JLIC hosting occasional Shabbat meals in their home, Hillel hosts a kosher Shabbat meal every Friday night that is free and open to all students.

Although we do not yet have weekly Shabbat minyanim, students daven at Penn Hillel as well as the Rohr Chabad Jewish Center.

Drexel Hillel

At Drexel Hillel, Jewish life begins with the ambition of knowing every Jewish student by name and story, and the desire to build meaningful one-on-one relationships with each of those students. Our commitment to celebrating all modes of Jewish expression, practice and identity, allows us to then connect our students with the Jewish opportunities, teachings and communities that meet each student’s diverse needs and goals.

Whether you are interested in getting involved in celebrating shabbat and holidays, pursuing social action projects through our tzedek initiatives, developing leadership skills through our internships and leadership retreats, exploring your spirituality, traveling to Israel, or engaging your Jewish story in another way, Drexel Hillel is here to take the journey with you. Explore our website, visit our facebook page, or schedule a coffee date with one of our staff members or student leaders to learn more about the ways to get involved and build your Jewish life at Drexel.

Learn more about Drexel University’s plans to establish a new Center for Jewish Life on campus, the future home of Drexel Hillel, Kosher Dining, Shul and Beit Midrash:

Drexel University received a very generous donation to build The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Jewish Life and Drexel Hillel will be moving into their own brand new building September 2016!